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Feb. 09, 2013
More Hi-Nu pics:

Plamo's lemon yellow has been giving me some trouble. If you take a look at the pics, you'll see that the primer still shows through the paint. I've had to layer it on really thick before I could make it look halfway decent, but I'm considering this color a bust mainly because even when the grey disappears, the color still gives off a greenish tint. I'm going to ditch the lemon in favor of pure yellow. But first, I'm stripping down the grey primer and swapping it out for white. Grey was a huge mistake for a light color like yellow.

Jan. 25, 2013
Here's an update on the Hi-Nu:

So far so good in the Plamo department. The paints aren't giving me too much trouble, though I suspect that white is a universal troublemaker. Show me a jar of white paint and I'll show you chaos in a bottle. Just like with Tamiya, Plamo's white takes a skilled hand to layer. I stripped the paint several times before I was satisfied.

For those of you thinking of trying out Plamo, here's some advice: although the manufacture suggestes using a mixing ratio of 1:1, through my experience, it's too thick coming out of the airbrush. I'd recommend using more thinner at 1:2.

The client has requested a fairly traditional color scheme, the only difference being the red chin (classic Hi-Nu has a blue one).

Jan. 17, 2013
Just wanted to let everyone know that maintenance on the forums will likely take longer than expected. Ever since the site went back online, numerous errors have cropped up, and it looks like we have our new host to thank for that. Well, it's like the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

In the meantime, I'm working on integrating WordPress into the site in order to implement a comment system independent of the boards. Needless to say, until I'm finished, all comments are disabled.

If anyone has some spare time on their hands and likes working with CSS and PHP, I'd be grateful for the help. Shoot me an e-mail through the contact form.

Jan. 08, 2013
The transition to the new server is complete. Unfortunately, we've lost some things along the way. Although I had a backup of the forum database, something's gone amiss and we're experiencing some complications. I should be able to work the kinks out soon enough, but in the meantime the comments system has been disabled as it is integrated with in the forums software.

On the bright side, I'm working on a new kit: a 1/24 Hi-Nu resin bust.

Here it is cleaned and pre-fitted:

Here's the priming process:

I used a mixture of 40:60 primer to thinner from Plamo, which I have to say, has been a lot easier to manage than Mr. Surfacer. For once I didn't have a gummed-up mess on my hands. Though the end result is a smooth coat, I'm anxious to see how well the paint will adhere later on.

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